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From the humble beginning in 1979, from a rented building with five children, Deepalaya School has grown both in size and stature.  Now we have six schools in three states with more than four thousand students on the role.  I am happy that I am associated with Deepalaya from the beginning as a treasure for a long time and at present as the manager of the schools.  It is because of the sincere effort and commitment of the people attached to Deepalaya the present position has evolved.

 We have a rich heritage, tradition, culture and values which have to be maintained and reflected through education.  That is what Deepalaya is striving to do.  In the past we tried to keep certain values in our work which we will continue to keep for the improvement of the quality of life.  I am confident that Deepalaya Parivar has the ability and commitment to work with and for others and I see a good future through the thoughts shared by them.



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